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  Baptisms in the Thames 18 July 10

If you have any better photos please email them to me. (these were taken with my mobile phone so not great quality - apologies).


Tim Nelson, 18/07/2010

Colin Barnes 19/07/2010 11:06
Fantastic afternoon! Eight young people going against the flow and going for God!
Judith Forster 19/07/2010 14:31
I am so proud of all 8 of you and was choked up with happy tears throughout. Praying for you all and sending lots of love xxxxxxxx
Emma Hawkins 19/07/2010 16:23
how inspiring to see 8 young people going for God! I love to see passionate young people who will effect this world lots for Jesus!!

Tony Jowett (Guest) 20/07/2010 12:31
We've got the complete and matching set. From zero to four Jowetts in under two years is amazing. Each of our testimonies has a big old chunk of River in it - this weekend we had a big old chunk of Pete in the river. Had to have a lie down on Sunday evening - all too much! Thanks JC and all River.
Rachael Odeniyi 22/07/2010 21:57
Great to share the day with you all. Really enjoyed it. Enjoy the life!
kj (Guest) 01/09/2010 15:48
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