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Di Chapman live in Tulsa

During the weekend of 12-14th February 2010 Di taught live via webcast from the studio of the International Christian Women's Hall of Fame in Tulsa, USA on the Forgotten Women of the Pentecostal Revival, a lecture based on her book  'Searching the Source of the River'. Ten hours of teaching was streamed live to the internet. 

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In the this short clip Di recounts some of the story of Smith Wigglesworth's wife Polly.


To watch the rest of the 10 lesson series please visit RiverTV 

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Tom Curtis 16/02/2010 16:05
Wonderful to see Di getting the recognition her book deserves. I'm proud of you Di.
reader (Guest) 08/06/2018 20:59
Di Chapman is going to a live show but he not tell where they go for their show. Now we got a report about their event and that was held in Tulsa where is good to follow these Chapman in their live show. But this time i not saw their show live.