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Terry and Mo MurphyTerry & Mo on the BBC

Terry and Mo Murphy are part of the Maidenhead congregation, and as many of you will know before they joined River Terry was the minister at Jubilee Church for many years. On Wednesday the 3rd Feb 2010 they were interviewed on Radio Berkshire - you can read an article about their story here on the BBC Berkshire website. 


Terry says: " HI EVERYONE
I was given the opportunity to do a live interview about Alzheimers on Radio Berkshire this morning. THEN – as a result they wanted to know more about our story. You can see the result on their website. Love to all - Terry & Mo "

Tim Nelson, 04/02/2010

Christen Forster 05/02/2010 21:25
Had this request from Terry via email, thought that you would all want to see it...


Thank you for all your encouraging messages about the interview on the Radio Berkshire Website
The story continues – I have been asked to be a live studio guest this Sunday @ 8:00am on the Clare Catford programme
I think they want to talk some more about ‘assisted suicide’ and caring for people with terminal conditions


If you are up and about on Sunday Morning you can click on ‘listen live’ on - or ‘listen again’ if want to you log on later

Love – Terry & Mo
Andi Swift 06/02/2010 07:59
Wow - what an amazing testimony on the BBC.
Andi and Vicki
Linda Southwood 06/02/2010 17:30
this is fantastic, Terry and Mo - you're great
Christina Cantell 06/02/2010 18:42
well done you guys! this is fab!!
Tina and Nath
Rebecca Carboo 09/02/2010 16:42
You are both so amazing!!!
Tony Jowett 10/02/2010 12:22
fantastic - words leapt off the page
Emily Dixon 11/08/2010 09:48
That is an amazing report and you two are such incredible people :)
Love Emily