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import River's events into your iphone, Outlook or google calendar

iPhone calendarIt's now possible to set up your iPhone, Outlook 2007 or Google calendar (and other diary / calendar programs) to be updated automatically with all the relevant diary dates from this web site's calendar feature.


As long as your favoured calendar program supports the iCalendar(.ics) file format, this means you can view our web site events alongside your personal, or office, calendar.  Setting up an iCal feed means that changes to the web site events will update automatically your calender client so it's always up-to-date.
When you are logged into the web site you can obtain your personal iCal feed. This will display the events that are relevant to you. Members of the public can access the public feed to keep in touch with our event diary.

Step by step Instructions on how to set up Outlook 2007 and Google calendars can be found here (article opens in a new window). If you use a different calendar application please refer to its help system for instructions on how to import an iCal feed url.


With Google calendar you can even arrange to receive a free SMS notification!


If you have any questions or need help please contact me

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