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More of Ben's films Coming this month on Channel 4

Marlow member and film cameraman Ben Hodgson is in Morocco at the moment filming The Passion - tomorrow it's Jesus carrying the cross through the streets of Jerusalem - he reports it's going pretty well and they are getting some powerful images and connection points.


He's just let me know about two films he shot for a series called "The Bible - a History': one on creation, and the other about Women of the Bible.  They are being shown on Ch.4 on Sunday 24th Jan @ 7pm and Sunday 31st Jan at 7pm.

Here's some blurb from Ch4 website: 

A provocative seven-part series that presents personal explorations of the world's most important, widespread and revolutionary text comes to Channel 4 in early 2010. From the Bible's origins to the American presidential inauguration, from Hebrew and Greek to today's current 2,400 different translations: this is the story of most influential book ever written.
The Bible is a book of history, of poetry and of prophecy. The books within it cover an incredible range of subjects: from the story of Creation itself to the creation of the Jewish Promised Land, from the Gospels' biographies of Jesus to the epistles of St. Paul and the apocalyptic visions of Revelation. This series explores the origins, ideas and influence of seven sections of the Scriptures, tracing how they came into existence and how they have shaped the world we live in today.

Each film is presented by a prominent commentator and thinker. Howard Jacobson sets out to reclaim Creation from the creationists, Bettany Hughes demonstrates how the Bible continues to shape perceptions of gender.

For more see the Channel 4 website pages for this series.

Tim Nelson, 10/01/2010

Ben Hodgson 21/01/2010 16:33
Dawkins Delusion - There's a cracking 2 page article by Howard Jacobson entitled 'The Dawkins Delusion' in the current edition of The Radio Times - stirring it up for my creation film which will be shown on TV Sunday - read it - watch it!