Tsunami News Feb 16



Dear Friends,

Greetings. This mail comes to you after our first Relief visit to Ampara and Batticoloa the East part of Sri Lanka. We left for the relief work on 6th Sunday and completed our relief work by one week. Part of our team was already was in Ampara from 1st February. While we were in the East LTTE East Leader Mr.Gowsalyan was assassinated with 5 of his higher officials and with Mr.Chandraneru a former Member of Parliament. We are able to manage and complete our relief work as scheduled. Unfortunately we could not complete our need assessment work as we planed.


Our relief items had both   NANPAN container goods and relief goods purchased through Barnabas Fund (UK Pounds 5000 - Account not completed jet – List of item please find below) send through NANPAN.


For Batticola we have send one lorry load items of container reli9ef goods with all the tin foods to distribute through the Churches in Batticola. Pastor Muraleetharan and Pastor Theivendran are in charge for Batticola distribution. Also we have given 74 Lantern and 50,000/= worth food items for kaluwanchikeni Tsunami refugees through Pastor Theivendran.


In Ampara we work with the Methodist Church, AOG Church, Anglican Inland Missionary society (AIMS). Also we helped 30 Nursery school children of Believers church in Pothuvil. We have distributed the Tsunami relief for the following Tsunami victims:

1.      I lorry Load item to Batticola with all the tin foods – distribute through Pastor Muraleetharan and Pastor Theivendran.

2.      Kaluvangeni IDP’s Camp Batticoloa       -64 families Through Pastor Theivendran

3.      Karaitheevu Kalmunai IDP’s –Ampara District  - 105 Families

4.      Thirukkoil Division 1                              - 250 families

5.      Samathyppillaiyar IDP’s camp -            214 Families

6.      Vinayagapuram                              –         150 Families

7.      Kaithri Village (Mandana IDP’s camp)       - 130 Nursery Children

8.      Thandiyadi IDP’s camp                -         87 Families

9.      Thandiyadi Methodist day care cetre  -       50 Children

10.  Komari 1  (Kalu Kolla IDP’s camp)     - 345 Familes

11.  Komari 2     (Murungan Than IDP’s Camp)    - 400 families

12.  Umari Puram                                           - 90 families

13.   Belivers Church Pottuvil                      - 25 Nursery Children




According to our need assessment we are planning to distribute news papers to the IDP’s camps in Ampara District. Also we are planning to support school children with school kit –school bags , drink bottle, umbrella etc- and we were  discussing the possibility of repairing the out bout motors which are affected by tsunami in the East. For all of this we need to do another need assessment to prepare the accurate budget.


I have visited Verugal Mugaththuvaram the border village between Batticola and Trincomale which has been severely affected by Tsunami. All 345 families of this village are now in the IDP’s camps since the whole village was destroyed. Forty-eight were died in the disaster. Pastor Sivabalan co worker of Pastor Muraleetharan is serving in this village. We had a discussion with the victims. They have requested us to supply kitchen utensils, Women clothing (Underwear), Nursery school Children kit and nutrition for nursery Children. WE have decided to supply above relief items for 345 families using Emmanuel Evangelical Church Newport Uk fund which has send to us directly.


Our out bout mechanics team has successfully completed their trip to Mullaitheevu. They have spend 7 days from 6th February and completed repairing 25 motors. We have spend about Rs.500,000/=(Account not completed jet)to complete 25 motors.. Mullaitheevu Fisherman society has asked as to repair more out bout motors. Another group also has started the same project but the need is more. So we are planning to repair another 30 out bout motors for which we need 600,000/= to 700,000/=(Uk pounds 3500).


We are planning to appoint one person to co-ordinate our Tsunami Relief and rehabilitation work in the East. Do pray that we should have the appropriate person for our East work.


I am planning to Visit India by next week to participate our Church refugee believers get to gather in India which has been scheduled for 25th to 27th. We still have 100 believers in India scattered in several Refugee camps. Also we are planning to publish 2 Tamil booklets of Rev. Martin Lloyd Jones which has been translated by Bro.Sritharan our worker in India and funded by Emmanuel Evangelical Chu8rch, Newport, UK. Last time I had a problem in getting the necessary Visa’s. I am going to apply for the Visa’s tomorrow (16th). Do Pray for me.


I’ll send another personal letter in next month covering our work strategy and plans with the list of direct donors to our church. Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouraging mails.


We have a master who lived a life and set as un example and call us to follow him. We as Christians are trying our best to obey him   by his grace.


Thank you very much.










List of   items bought through Barnabas fund

Underskirt                        - 1000

Panties                           - 1000

Bra                                  -   500

Babies Cloth                   -  300

Baby shorts                     -  300

Under wear                    - 1000

Suitcase                        -  700

Flask                              -  200

 lantern                           -   270

Feeding Bottle               -   200

Loctogen  Milk Powder   -  400

Udicolone                  -  200

Oma water                -  200

Toys                          -1000

School Items        150 Thousands Rupees

Nursery Items -Bags    - 462

Drink bottles               - 400

Umbrella                    - 360

 Gripe Mixer              -  200

Baby suits                  - 100


Chris Forster, 16/02/2005

Morgan Stone (Guest) 28/08/2018 15:25
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Tsunamis are a series (Guest) 19/09/2018 08:33
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(Guest) 05/10/2018 08:25
Also to work in the East we are trying to form a committee with the pastors/Christian in the east. Specially, we were discussing the issue with Christian workers in connection with NANPAN Ministries.
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