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Dear Friends,


Greetings. Thank you very much for all your prayers. Thank you for your mails. I’ll response to your mails by next week.


By the grace of God we are able to clear the 1st container came from NANPAN ministries, London on 28th Friday after paying 46,000/= as duty. This is the only way we are able to take the container into our hand for distributions unless otherwise we have to handed over the container to the Govt. of Sri Lanka according to the new policy of Sri Lankan Government on Tsunami Aid containers coming from Abroad. We have taken the container items in 3 full Load lorry’s to Ampara with another one Lorry Load items we purchased in Colombo through Barnabas fund UK support through NANPAN. Our collogues will start the distribution process by Tuesday/Wednesday.


I am back to Colombo now from Ampara   to clear the 2nd container of the same size (1x 40’) which also send by NANPAN. Do pray for me.


We specially thank to Barnabas fund UK for their support through NANPAN ministries to our Tsunami Relief work. Barnabas fund has sponsored our 3rd trip to Mullaitheevu (Counseling and Out boat motor Repairing visit – Barnabas fund has promised to meet the expenses for  24 Out boat motor repairing work) and our Ampara District relief work purchases. We have to specially thank Pastor Jonathan – Emmanuel Church, Manor Park, Eastham,  London – for all his efforts to make this possible and backing NANPAN fully at this urgent time of Tsunami tragedy.


I’ll send you a detail report by next week covering our relief visit to Ampara and interesting discussions I had with the Custom Officer of baggage office Mr. Mahinda Calbake.


Do pray for us.




Chris Forster, 31/01/2005

reader (Guest) 08/08/2018 07:57
In Sri Lanka pastor manoah is showing a latest news. Which he may be write in this pastor news i know that most of the people will not aware from this information. I also know about that right now as i stand in front of you.
Stella Clover (Guest) 09/10/2018 14:36
It very well may be viewed as discourteous. Some will expect you to be a part to have the capacity to utilize the congregation and others may have an expense.