Tsunami Relief Update from Nanpan Pastors on the ground in S

The Following report from Pastor Manohar in Sri Lanka has been sent from Nanpan, CLICK HERE to read his original report. River Church has made donation through Nanpan of £3000 to date, with other funds being reserved for follow up relief work in the coming months. We are awaiting reports on the real needs which will only become clear as resources currently in transit start to reach their final destination. At this stage we expect to provide more specialised resources via container of via cash donations to specific locations. Funds continue to come in for this relief work. Please watch this space for details of giving.


Dear friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. According to the visit of our colleague to the East and of the discussions I made with my friends including NGO’s we have noticed that Ampara District  is the most affected area by tsunami out of all the places affected by tsunami in the East part of Sri Lanka. Our colleague met pastor Murali of Trinco at Batticolao and visited several places in Ampara with friends of Batti churches. Also had discussion with STF (Special Task Force) members in charge for the refugee camps at the refugee camps, GS (Grama Sevakar – Village officer ), TRO Officers, and people affected by tsunami.


People of the East are still in a worst condition and still in need of relief while the Mullaitheevu refugees are in relocation stage. Part of the reason is there are few different authorities handling the East and there is big confusion and misunderstanding among them. Also the transportation of the relief is bit difficult in the East. The bridges were broken and the main roads are fully damaged by this disaster. Between Batti to Akkarapathu three bridges are totally damaged. The relief has to come through the down south road.


At this moment our priority is to take a relief to the most affected area which is Ampara, we have collected the information about the people and their needs.  Also to work in the East we are trying to form a committee with the pastors/Christian in the east. Specially, we were discussing the issue with Christian workers in connection with NANPAN Ministries.


As I have mentioned in my previous mail we were leaving for Mullaitheevu with 40 members counselling team and team of outdoor mechanics to services and repair the remaining outboard motors of the fishermen affected by tsunami. By this way we could save the resources, and keep them ready for the fishermen to use when they were ready for their daily routine of life. And we were planning to spend 4-5 days in Mullaitheevu from 18th Tuesday. 10 members of our counselling team have already in a three days training programme organized by YFC Sri Lanka on “TRUMA COUNSELLING FOR TSUNAMI SERVERS”. Christian who were specialties in this area from Australia is giving the training. These trainees are joining us on Tuesday after the completion of their training.


I am planning to leave Batti / Ampara with few of our church members on 24th Monday and we are planning to stay there for 5 days to do a relief work and plan our future action in the eastern part. Below I have given the list of items that we planning to take for Ampara. NANPAN is willing to support this relief. Your financial support for east relief and resettlement work  is mostly welcome and we could promise you that we will use your fund for the purpose that which it has given and also we will do the relief and any other assistance to the affected people directly.


Do pray for us and if you have any clarification and concern please send me a mail. What we are doing might be small or big but we as Christian could make a difference through our sincerer witness.

Thank you.


Chris Forster, 16/01/2005

Christen Forster 31/01/2005 15:59
Posted on behalf of Thas re Tsunami containers...

Dear Friends,

As most of you know we have sent two 40'x9'x8' containers full of fairly new cloths and dry foods to give it to the Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.

We have been told there is some problem in the port as the government is trying to talk the relief item in there hands and not to give it to the Churches who are doing the relief work.

Please pray and if you know any one who can help let us know.

Thank you.

Yours in Christ

Nanpan's Tsunami relief team
Nanpan (Charity No:1085863)
contacts: 0786304311

Christen Forster 31/01/2005 15:59
More from Thas on the containers...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the prayer.I just can conform now that Nanpan's Tsunami Relief team head by Pastor.Mano received the items from the containers. We will inform you more about this later.

Please keep praying as £5000.00 of items purchased in Colombo and the item from containers are going to Ambarai East of Sri Lanka.



matthewallen (Guest) 05/10/2018 05:57
Our relief items had both NANPAN container goods and relief goods purchased through Barnabas Fund (UK Pounds 5000 - Account not completed jet – List of item please find below) send through NANPAN.
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