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Tsunami Relief

“You are my friend (Nanpan), If you do what I command” – John 15:14


Aid agencies said would be the world's biggest relief effort after explosive quake sparked tidal waves led to the deaths of over 120,000 - a toll that officials expect to rise further. Meanwhile, thousands of people are still missing, and millions remain homeless.


NANPAN send a £1,500 to Pastor Manohar of Gospel Grace Church, Mannar to start the relief work to Mullaitheevu. He works as a team with other churches in Mannar in this relief operation.  A copy of the feedback letter can be read by clicking here. We are sending another £2,500 to continue the relief.


We are sending £1000 each to Pastor Muraleetharan (Batticaloa) and Pastor Jeyakath (Trinco) towards their relief efforts within their church areas.


We are planning to start a joint relief operation with Pastor Manohar (who used to work for Holland NGO ZOA in the resettlement of refugees and has the experience working in the Rebel controlled area and government control areas) to all affected areas.


In UK Emmanuel Christian fellowship, River Church, Manor Park and East London Christian Fellowship, Essex are backing us for this relief effort.


God willing we are sending two containers of necessary item to Sri Lanka by 07/01/2005. We received support from many Churches in London and other individuals.


We have attached copy of the few letters for further information.


Cheques payable to: - NANPAN.

Bank Details: Lloyds TSB Bank

A/C No: 0996963

Branch Code: 30-94-51


NANPAN is a Christian charity run by volunteers and all expenses for transporting the items are paid by members


Registered Charity No: 1085863

Our Vision: Support the Evangelical work in Sri Lanka & help the poor to help themselves.

Chris Forster, 03/01/2005

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