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Great News!

Steve Clifford jpgThe Evangelical Alliance has appointed our friend - and important advisor - Steve Clifford as its new General Director, succeeding Joel Edwards.


This came about after a long process of Steve being encouraged to apply for the position, seeking to hear from the Lord, actually applying  - and then undergoing a very rigorous selection procedure.


You can read all about it on the Evangelical Alliance website CLICK HERE

Please pray for our friend as the news becomes public today, with attendant interviews and profile. Please continue to pray for him as he embarks on this new and exciting phase of ministry.

Andy Read, 08/01/2009

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Anthea Wratten 12/01/2009 18:38
me too
Rod Latchford (Guest) 29/03/2009 21:51
Welcome aboard Steve!
Rod Latchford. (Guest) 29/03/2009 21:54
Am i STILL a guest,after 21 years at River Church? or have i got it all wrong !!
Tim Nelson 30/03/2009 07:39
Rod, you need to login to the website or else it will show any comments you add to forums like this as being from a guest. Login also to see more content than a visitor can. (Click on the login button at the top of this page)
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