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Some Lessons in Prayer by Jon Davis

Jon Davis, a member of the Maidenhead Intercession Team shares some thoughts from his own adventures in prayer...


I have been having revelations recently about prayer. I am currently reading 'Red Moon Rising' by Pete Greig & Dave Roberts which is about the 24-7 prayer movement and am finding it truly inspirational. Once such revelation hit me between the eyes recently from the book. I thought I would outline it here to you. This is what I wrote [apologies but the passage in the book is a few pages long so did not type it here]:

'Suddenly it all becomes clear and why my heart melts and feels faint in the holy presence of God. It happened one Sunday morning a few weeks ago before Judith got up to speak and the thoughts about prayer and God I have been muttering and dwelling tangibly moved from my head to my heart. It was like this liquid weight moving slowly down.

The passage from "Red Moon Rising" [p.188 - 197] about being weak and hurting adds up so much. That when we are weak then we are so strong, as in the Bible verse where Paul says: "And He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." [2 Cor 12.9]

I felt God saying that this is one of the times when we can be at our most dangerous to the spiritual realm. After circumstances in life break us, when God has got hold of us and broken us too, we find ourselves on our knees, weak but strong in His presence. When our "thorn in the flesh" keeps us down we pray prayers like King David's. Like when he picks up the small stone and slays the giant, so our small prayers [like a bit of pea gravel] thrown against the Enemy take him down, again and again, situation after situation.

It's at this time we are in God's crack squad to do war in the heavenly realms, to speak the Word, to empower the Angelic brigade that fights and overcomes.'

This is of great encouragement to me because when I was first taken ill 
I felt I had nothing to offer anyone, not even God, only the broken pieces of my failed life. What God has done in me over the last few years is rebuild me again from the ground up. I am encouraged because I CAN contribute to the work of the Kingdom. I can STILL be counted and I am STILL standing on the Rock. The small amount that I can offer is GOOD ENOUGH - the widow's mite is okay. It is as VALUABLE as someone who has all the energy in the world and can run marathons. I STILL STAND AND I AM COUNTED

Jon Davis, 21/11/2004