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Slough Teaching
Slough Talks
4th December - Prophetic Evangelism: Colin Barnes reminds us that we carry the same Spirit of Prophecy that Jesus did, and each time we meet needy people, we CAN treat them exactly like He did touching them with His love, and see their needs met More ...
Maidenhead teaching
Maidenhead Talks
At this advent time Mike Holt tells us of God’s ‘Love’ beyond knowledge and ‘Peace’ beyond understanding, God’s Love is not dependent on what ‘WE’ do. Jesus didn’t come to make God’s love possible but he came to make it visible, both in the stable and More ...
Marlow teaching
Marlow Talks 2016
4th December: Amazing Faith 7 - The Journey of Faith. Guest speaker Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard speaks about her own journey of growing in faith, and reflects on faith being the intersection of hope and expectation. More ...
All River meetings
River Together Talks
20th November - Singing the Lord's song in a strange land: Billy Kennedy (Leader of Pioneer) asks how can we serve God faithfully when the environment and the circumstances aren't in our favour? For a start, we need to get on the pitch! More ...
Slough Teaching
Slough Vision 2016/17
Ian and Sabina share their vision for River Church Slough. More ...
Andrei Blinkov
Moscow Update October 2016
Andrei Blinkov describes a new initiative to help orphans with severe learning difficulties who are kicked out of Russian care homes when they turn 18. Many are left to fend for themselves, and a high proportion end up on the street as addicts, alcoholics More ...
John Sandeman
Slough Blog
Slough Blog
Various members of River Slough give testimony to what God is doing In their lives More ...
Marlow Blog
Marlow Blog 6th December
Thanks to Keith for serving so long on the MLT More ...
Tim Nelson
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