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Audio & Video Downloads

We are delighted to be able to offer a huge number of audio files for download: all the recordings of teaching from both congregational meetings and whole church gatherings since 2004 are available.


The stored media files can be browsed or searched by accessing the main media library. Alternatively you may wish to use these links:

Or check out the videos on:
Most Recently Published 'Public' Audio And Video
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
The Kingdom of God is a party
John Brannan, 23/10/2016
Living Water Part 10 - Be Strong in Order to Serve (MH) (download)
Nigel refers to Ephesians 3 and encourages us to be strong in order to serve, serve others and serve the world. We are called to make a statement in the heavenly wisdom's through Love, Faith and Serving. Our calling in God is so much bigger than we give it credit for.
Nigel Rivers, 23/10/2016
What Is the Gospel? Part 1 - Fifty Shades of Grace (MW) (download)
In part 1 of this 3 part series Colin explains how the traditional gospel message is too black and white, and misses out so much, so can give the wrong impression.
Colin Barnes, 23/10/2016
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
The Kingdom of God is a mystery
Colin Barnes, 16/10/2016
Living Water Part 9 - Salt and Light (MH) (download)
Al talks about Salt and Light and refers to Matthew 5, verses 14 to 16, we can’t stop being ‘Light’ and ‘an agent of change’. When we honour what is good, we have the platform to speak about what is wrong and be heard.
Al Bullen, 16/10/2016
The Armour of God (SL) (download)
Val speaks from Ephesians where we see that we are to know our inheritance, walk in the Grace of God, run to do ministry, and to stand always clad in our armour of God.
Val Simcock, 16/10/2016
Amazing Faith 5 - Talking Jesus (MW) (download)
Laurence calls for a change in the way we 'do' evangelism; we should adapt our language, along with our tone, and a new approach and rhythm to evangelism are also needed.
Laurence Singlehurst, 16/10/2016
What Is the Gospel? Part 3 - Good news for Today (MH) (download)
In the final part of this series Colin asks us to consider the cross and God’s victory over everything. Our God is NOT about anger and revenge; but the cross has freed us from sin and saved us through salvation. We carry the ‘Good News’ and that is how we should walk and talk.
Colin Barnes, 09/10/2016
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