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Audio & Video Downloads

We are delighted to be able to offer a huge number of audio files for download: all the recordings of teaching from both congregational meetings and whole church gatherings since 2004 are available.


The stored media files can be browsed or searched by accessing the main media library. Alternatively you may wish to use these links:

Or check out the videos on:
Most Recently Published 'Public' Audio And Video
One Body Many Parts(JY) (download)
John Brannan, 17/09/2017
Opening every door of our lives to God (SL) (download)
God wants access to every room in our lives, so he can bring cleansing, restoration, hope, courage and strength that we might become the carriers of his kingdom and a source of revival in our communities.
Florence Peters, 17/09/2017
Eco Church Part 2 - The local, The global and our ordinary everyday lives (MW) (download)
Matt (Tearfund) and Idina (leader of the Servants Community in Southall) each share their Eco Church story and describe some of the aspects of our everyday lives we might consider changing.
Matt Currey & Idina Dunmore, 17/09/2017
Following Jesus - 'As Kingdom People' (MH) (download)
In this new series Ceri takes a look at Feeding of the 4000 in Mark Chapter 8:14-21 and Feeding of the 5000 in Mark chapter 6:30-44 and asks what do these miracles tell us about following Jesus in this season and how do we put it into practice.
Ceri Davies, 17/09/2017
Surrender, the key to be His Dwelling Place (SL) (download)
we are called to be God's houses of prayer. To walk in the fullness of what this means, we must first come to the point of total surrender to Him.
Ian Moody, 10/09/2017
Eco Church part 1 : Caring for the Planet (MW) (download)
Chloe and Karen introduce our new series looking at the topic of climate change and caring for the planet, and the part we can play in this as individuals and as a local church. How will we respond to the Eco Church challenge?
Karen Feakin & Chloe Jones, 10/09/2017
Rivers of living water (JY) (download)
Colin Barnes, 03/09/2017
A Tale of Three Gardens (MH) (download)
Simon tells us an inspiring story of ‘The Hope of Salvation’, from Genesis to Revelation. A story of God’s deliverance, hope and abounding love and grace through three gardens, the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Garden of ‘A New Heaven and A New Earth’.
Simon Tempest, 03/09/2017
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