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Preaching passionatelyListening intentlyVia this page you can listen to a number of talks from past meetings in the current academic year. To listen to a recording whilst online, click on the title of the talk.  To download a file to your computer, click on the (download) link. 


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 Current Year Recordings (16-17) 
Heading towards your promise land (JY) (download)
Tom Tora, 11/06/2017
Love (JY) (download)
sorry for poor recording
Kelly Brannan, 04/06/2017
Head to Heart Prayer (JY) (download)
Vicky Earll, 28/05/2017
Head To Heart (JY) (download)
Colin Barnes, 21/05/2017
Abraham (JY) (download)
Jonathan Pymm, 14/05/2017
'What it means to be a restorer of broken walls (JY) (download)
Vicky , 30/04/2017
'Who killed Jesus and why should I care? (JY) (download)
Jonathan Pymm, 09/04/2017
Keep Your love on (JY) (download)
John Brannan, 02/04/2017
'What is the Oikos?' (JY) (download)
John Brannan, 19/03/2017
What is the Gospel? part3 JY (download)
Colin Barnes , 19/02/2017
What is the Gospel? Part1 (JY) (download)
Colin Barnes, 12/02/2017
A community of salvation (JY) (download)
Peter Gadsdon, 05/02/2017
The Junction 2017 Session 2 (JY) (download)
Laurence Singlehurst , 28/01/2017
The Junction 2017 Session 1 (JY) (download)
Laurence Singlehurst , 27/01/2017
The Junction 2017 session 4 (JY) (download)
Laurence Singlehurst, 28/01/2017
The Junction 2017 Session 3 (JY) (download)
Laurence Singlehurst , 28/01/2017
Vicky Interviews Jan Vickers (JY) (download)
Vicky interviews Jan
Jan Vickers, 22/01/2017
Living In Love (JY) (download)
Vicky looks at what it is to live in love.
Vicky Earll, 08/01/2017
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
The Kingdom of God is restoration
John Brannan, 06/11/2016
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
Love for enemies
Jonathan Pymm, 30/10/2016
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
The Kingdom of God is a party
John Brannan, 23/10/2016
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
The Kingdom of God is a mystery
Colin Barnes, 16/10/2016
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
The kingdom of God is within us
Pete Gadsdon, 09/10/2016
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
Goodness peace and Joy
Vicky Earll, 02/10/2016
The Kingdom of God is..... (JY) (download)
Cultivating a prophetic Community
Pete Gadsdon, 18/09/2016
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