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Talks from Marlow Meetings - 2017

This page provides access to audio files of talks recorded at Marlow Sunday meetings this year.

Previous years' talks are also available:    2004-06    2007-08    2008-09    2009-11    2011-13    2014    2015    2016

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Mothering Sunday     Listen     Download 
Anthea and Jonny speak about different aspects of Motherhood.

Video clips:      Mom's Song     Thorns In The Straw     Do you believe what I believe 
Anthea Wratten & Jonny Ruffell
Anthea  Jonny
26 Mar
To Boldly Go (Part 7) was not recorded due to the sensitive nature of parts of the content. Paul & Grace G0lf 19 Mar
To Boldly Go (Part 6)     Listen     Download     Slides
John & Nuala recount how they met in Hong Kong and tell us about their involvement with YWAM and Jackie Pullinger; and Sue Exelby tells us about Shammah House Ministries via video.

Click here for Hong Kong travel guide video     

Sue Exelby/Shammah House Ministries 2017:

John & Nuala Richards
John and Nuala
12 Mar
The Mission of God - Part 1     Listen     Download     Slides

Colin kicks off a new 3 part teaching series and summarises the Good News using the acronym FIRE: God *F*athered us and wants to Father us all; we chose *I*ndependence; Jesus *R*econciles us back to the Father; and The Spirit *E*mpowers us.
Colin Barnes
Colin Barnes
05 Mar
To Boldly Go (Part 5)     Listen     Download     Slides
Julian and Annie recount the journey that led them from the Thames Valley to Northern Mozambique via Lesotho, and encourage us all to keep up a mission focus.
Julian & Annie Bullen
Julian and Annie Bullen
26 Feb
To Boldly Go (Part 4)    Listen    Download    Slides
Mission When We’re Worlds Apart. Dave asks 2 key questions about our attitude to mission: is your map big enough? Will you go, send or pass?
Dave Vann
Dave Vann
19 Feb
To Boldly Go (Part 3) was not recorded due to the sensitive nature of parts of the content.
Andrew& Mavis 12 Feb
To Boldly Go (Part 2)     Listen     Download     Slides     Video1     Video2
Ian and Liz share about trips they have made recently to South Africa and Mexico, telling us about the contacts and local churches they linked with, and about some of the challenges the communities in those places face.
Ian & Liz Linton
Ian  Liz
05 Feb
To Boldly Go (Part 1)     Listen     Download     Slides
All the members of the Dipper family (Andy, Emma Jessie, Charlie and Polly) help to kick off our new teaching series in which we will be looking at mission and why it is so important to our Christian walk. Andy is Principal of All Nations Christian College, Ware.

In future weeks we will be profiling the countries where we have River Church links and inviting the people who champion those to come and speak. 

Dipper family
Links to:  All Nations College     Jessie Dipper music 
Andy Dipper
& family
Andy Dipper
29 Jan
Being Salt & Light     Listen     Download     Slides
Al challenges us to seek to be salt and light to everyone we encounter. How much compassion can we carry, and what trace do we leave behind as we go through life? 
Al Bullen
Al 2015
22 Jan
Apologies that Dave's New Year talk wasn't recorded
  08 Jan